Two Hundred Puzzles, Fifty Weeks Later

But “capital property” simply seems repetitive and redundant. Well, this week’s Friday themeless NYT is pretty fun. I completed it in somewhat over half an hour, but just knew there was one thing incorrect up there in the NE nook.

NLP got here to appreciate corpora rather late, by which time it had established working practices which examined brief, invented sentences in great detail and for which advanced annotations have been regular. The solely use NLP has for plain text is for a few statistical operations. Mark-up (or Mark&endash;up) With these factors in thoughts, we will take up the question of mark-up and annotation of texts in a corpus. We will reserve the time period mark-up for cases where details about structure, formatting and different options of a written text is added to the alphanumeric stream. The equal within the spoken language is details about the speech event which was not captured in the transcription. The communication could additionally be meant for recreation or instruction, or ceremonial.

Might as nicely have been quotes from Jabberwocky as far as my feeble mind was involved. As CA just said, most of us just research issues that we take pleasure in, and others won’t even learn them. Today I took a “tour” of Tuscany in search of just the proper hill town. I never found it, however I might see the beautiful Tyrhennian Sea. Verrucola, Barga, and Anghiara were all magnificent cities to visit. Saw Etruscan walls in Volterra, and read about exchanging my home for a 15th cen.

In reality, it was the first of them to succeed in the bookstores and so captured an unexpectedly giant share of the growing market. Unlike its opponents, the American College Dictionary was constructed to be itself, rather than abridged and adapted from a larger dictionary. An heretike, like Nicholas, who helde that wiues should bee widespread to all alike’. A quite much less helpful addition is made to paraphrase, which Coote glosses as ‘exposition’; Cawdrey makes this ‘exposition of any factor by many words’. A final instance of this method is quintessence, glossed by Coote as ‘chiefe virtue’; Cawdrey gives this a way more technical context, explaining that it is the ‘chiefe advantage, drawn by arte out of many compounds together’.

On prime of this, the software program was engineered to work on IBM’s new working system OS/2 – which never became a mainstream product. Although Gestorlex was used for a time by a number of dictionary publishers, including Longman, it proved to be a false begin. But it set an impressively high bar for future developments. Transcription, a technique of writing down material already obtainable in some other type (e.g. as speech sounds) in a consistent and systematic way→notation.

If at first you don’t succeed, strive, strive, try once more. If the mountain is not going to come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain. If you don’t like the warmth, get out of the kitchen. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the nation of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. It is not any use crying over spilt milk.

And let’s simply say there’s a really good cause that I don’t volunteer for the Saturday Stumper. [He tried to promote the National Mall, describing it as…] CAPITAL PROPERTY. This one harm my ears somewhat. I have heard of capital property and capital expenditures, but not “capital property.” Granted, I’m a recovering tax lawyer, so perhaps it is a frequent enough term in different, significantly less hip-and-happening business circles.

Neither the pronunciation guides nor the audio playback of the word sport a silent D. I’m with Rex find ORALIST, as a word in its own right, unfamiliar. I’m not with Rex in finding BAO “delicious to contemplate”. Guess I’m not too up on my Pixar shorts. I wish to pair the word DIURNAL with workaday consciousness, as opposed to the nocturnal dreaming mind.

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